Principles of Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care

1st Virtual Conference
Live Streaming • April 30 - May 2, 2021

May 1, 2021

 All times listed are in Eastern Time Zone (ET)
The Sick Neonate
Moderator: Carlos Munoz, MD
8:00 - 8:25 AM Fluids and the Endothelial Glycocalyx
Lee Ferguson, MBChB, MRCP(UK), FRCA
8:25 - 8:50 AM Developmental Pharmacology
Cynthia Tung, MD, MPH
8:50 - 9:15 AM Anesthetic Considerations for the Preemie and Micropreemie
Michael Hernandez, MD
9:15 - 9:40 AM Challenging Cases: Neonate with Acute Abdomen and Unrepaired Tetralogy of Fallot
Katherine Zaleski, MD
9:40 - 10:00 AM Question and Answer Panel Discussion
10:00 - 10:20 AM Morning Break with Exhibitors
Critical Care Updates
Moderator: Dennis Daniel, MD
10:20 - 10:45 AM Advances in Pediatric Neuroanesthesia
Craig McClain, MD, MPH
10:45 - 11:10 AM Ventilation Strategies for Children in the ICU
Jordan Rettig, MD
11:10 - 11:35 AM Acute Kidney Injury: Management and Renal Replacement Strategies
Michael Somers, MD
11:35 - 12:00 PM Updates in Pediatric Resuscitation
Monica Kleinman, MD
12:00 - 12:25 PM Question and Answer Panel Discussion
12:25 - 1:35 PM
Lunch Break or Optional Lunch Session (Pre-Registration and Fee Required)

Hocus POCUS in Pediatrics (Gastric Volume, Lung/Airway, Cardiac, Peds-only Application)
Walid Alrayashi, MD

Pediatric Procedural Sedation
Mary Landrigan-Ossar, MD, PhD
  1. Describe the types of procedures for which sedation is offered to pediatric patients, and options for sedation for those procedures.
  2. Identify factors which increase risk for patients under procedural sedation.
  3. Summarize elements of the sedation practice environment which optimize patient safety

Practical Implementation of Immersive Technologies
Thomas Caruso, MD, MEd, Ellen Wang, MD
  1. View some of the latest virtual reality and augmented reality headsets.
  2. Understand how immersive technologies can be applied to pediatric preoperative cases.

The Cardiac Patient
Moderator: David Whiting, MD
1:35 - 2:00 PM Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Physiology and Anesthetic Implications
Morgan Brown, MD, PhD
2:00 - 2:25 PM Non-Cardiac Procedures for Children with a Transplanted Heart
Douglas Atkinson, MD
2:25 - 2:50 PM Teenager with Tetralogy of Fallot: Not Always So Simple
Juan Ibla, MD
2:50 - 3:15 PM Cardiac Channelopathies
Rebecca Scholl, MD
3:15 - 3:35 PM Question and Answer Panel Discussion
3:35 - 3:55 PM Afternoon Break with Exhibitors
Updates and New Approaches in Airway Management
Moderator: Mary Lyn Stein, MD
3:55 - 4:15 PM Airway Management in Trauma
Cathie Jones, MD
4:15 - 4:35 PM Emergency Front-of-Neck Access
Gi Soo Lee, MD
4:35 - 4:55 PM Updates and Innovations of the Pediatric Airway
John Fiadjoe, MD
4:55 - 5:15 PM Difficult Pediatric Airway
James Peyton, MBChB, MRCP, FRCA
5:15 - 5:25 PM Question and Answer Panel Discussion
5:25 PM End of Day 2 General Session Lectures
5:30 - 7:30 PM Optional Evening Workshop
(Pre-Registration and Fee Required)   Enrollment is limited to 15 attendees

Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access
Workshop Director: Rebecca Scholl, MD
Workshop Co-Director: Maricarmen Roche Rodriguez, MD
At the conclusion of this workshop participants will become familiar with the basic concept of the ultrasound technique, settings optimization, ultrasound anatomy, and the technique of ultrasound-guided cannulation.

At the conclusion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
  1. Describe the basic concept of the ultrasound technique, basic physics, and the use of appropriate transducers.
  2. Identify the most useful vessels for cannulation in difficult IV patients.
  3. Practice the technical skills of in-plane and out-of-plane ultrasound-guided cannulation.