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It is a pleasure to welcome you to this year’s Principles of Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care conference in Boston, hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and accredited by Harvard Medical School. We face an ever-changing world, and the practice of pediatric anesthesiology can be a risky business. As the specialty continues to evolve, we are pleased to offer you an exciting, cutting edge pediatric anesthesia conference focusing on innovation, pediatric anesthesia research, hot topics and challenges, risk management techniques and interactive workshops.

This year we are very fortunate to have Travis Roy as our keynote speaker as part of our Spinal Cord Injury: Patient, Surgeon and Anesthesiologist Perspective panel on Friday morning. Mr. Roy is a spinal cord injury survivor and author of the book, Eleven Seconds, A Story of Tragedy, Courage, and Triumph.  He also founded the Travis Roy Foundation, which has raised over $5 million to improve the lives of spinal cord injury survivors and fund medical research. Guest Speaker Dr. Andrew Davidson (Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia) will be part of a special session on neurotoxicity and optimizing anesthesia for the brain. We will also be featuring a session on high reliability and patient safety featuring guest speaker Dr. Peter Laussen (The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Toronto).

The conference offers interactive optional breakfast and lunch breakout panels each day. These informal sessions are staffed by our faculty and designed to facilitate a two-way learning process between attendees and presenters. We will be featuring a complimentary Pediatric Airway workshop on Saturday afternoon. Optional workshops include a Regional Anesthesia and Pain Treatment Workshop and Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access.  We also will be offering a pre-conference half day Point-of-Care Ultrasound Workshop. This workshop will offer practical tips on using the ultrasound as a tool for evaluating different aspects of patient’s clinical status. Registrants also have the option to pair two or three days of the conference with a pediatric MOCA® course, which will take place in the operating rooms and recovery area of Boston Children’s Hospital.

We encourage participants to share their research and experiences by submitting their work for the poster session during the complimentary wine reception on Friday evening, where they will have the chance to network with other attendees and faculty. Our objective for the conference is to teach risk management in the perioperative setting and to create an opportunity for participants and faculty to interact with other clinicians for the benefit of their pediatric patients, practice, education and research. We hope you enjoy your visit to Boston and that you will have a valuable experience.

Course Director
Bistra Vlassakova, MD

Course Co-Directors
Barry Kussman, MBBCh, FFA (SA)
Kirsten C. Odegard, MD
Janet Valicenti, CRNA